Coming To A Post Office Near You

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  1. LaMalfa signed onto the Texas suit trying to overturn the results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin. He also made an appearance earlier this week on Newsmax, the new alternative reality for Trumpies who don’t want to believe he lost. Newsmax is said to be gaining viewers at the expense of Fox News because it refuses to acknowledge Trump lost.

    Meanwhile, Reinette Senum is organizing a pots-and-pans brigade to strike back at Nevada City’s draconian measures against violators of the mask and distancing guidelines.

    And I thought I was going to miss the zaniness of the Bay Area!

    • RL Crabb says:

      I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the nutballs. At least the Supremes have told Texas to fuck off. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Nevada City has become the bay area at low tide. The only thing missing is the bay and that’s why I left. Then again, as Herb Caen once said, a flatlander is someone who got there 5 minutes after you did, so the smart folks must be the ones who left before me. (With the exception of our host, of course.)

      And I’m more than sure that the 8 ancestral generations of Americans that came before me would call what the Trumplicans are doing more treason than sedition. To that, I would agree.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      LaMalfa thinking he’s capable of taking on Cuomo is hilarious. Cuomo not only mopped the floor with him, he more importantly showed that LaMalfa KNEW what he was saying was wrong, which is much worse than simply being in error.

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