Horse Sense

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  1. Judith Lowry says:

    I’d settle for half a carrot.
    But that little sucker’s always out there hanging from a stick.

  2. gregoryzaller says:

    I think a better question for the neighborhood horse is why these people are unwilling to even listen to different ideas. It would at least help them make their point.

  3. Todd juvinall says:

    Actually, I think both sides do listen to the other side but dismiss the other sides argument. For instance, abortion. I listen to the left and I support the procedure for rape, incest and the life of the mother. The left wants abortion into the birth canal at seconds before birth. (Obama’s position) So, it appears I, that evil rightwing dingbat has compromised. This is one of many issues the right has given ground on yet the left never does.

    • Ryan Mount says:

      No one “wants” abortions except for a small (very small) percentage of whack-jobs. Arguing that anyone wants such a thing is preposterous and slanderous.

      For comparison’s sake, no one “wants” war except for a small (very small) percentage of whack-jobs. Again, arguing that anyone wants such a thing is also preposterous and frankly slanderous.

      Anyone who celebrates any joy in any of the above should be forced to watch 24/7 Oprah Winfrey marathons for a whole year.

      • Tony Waters says:

        Be nice to whack jobs! After all they provide the rest of us our straw men to knock down so we can look reasonable, even when we are not!


    • gregoryzaller says:

      According to quote from Obama, you and he agree on something, Todd.

      “On an issue like partial birth abortion, I strongly believe that the state can properly restrict late-term abortions. I have said so repeatedly. All I’ve said is we should have a provision to protect the health of the mother, and many of the bills that came before me didn’t have that.”

      This is a complicated issue to sort out. I am wondering how you reconcile using laws to restrict the choices of the pregnant woman.

      • Todd juvinall says:

        Greg, you are drinking the koolaid. Obama voted for those abortion laws in Illinois. You have been had. It was called an infanticide law, that is what he supports. Sheesh!

        For Ryan, you are kidding right? Ever heard of Planned Parenthood? You pay some of its bills. They are the largest abortion mill in the country. Over 22 million little kids don’t exist because of the decision to abort them since Roe v Wade. I would dare say the NOW gang and the ACLU would be mad at you for calling them whacko’s since they decide on one issue, abortion, for political support. Also, using the term slanderous was interesting. Care to sue?

  4. rl Crabb says:

    I’m not in favor of abortion, except in the cases that Todd cites, but the libertarian in me also knows that I’m not the one who will have to live with the consequences of either decision. It’s the woman’s choice, not mine.

    • PeteK says:

      Tru-Dat. Cutting all the red tape and high costs of the adoption process should be the bigger issue.

      • Todd juvinall says:

        Absolutely. As an adoption parent and the brother of another adoption parent I could not agree more.

  5. Sticking to core beliefs and ignoring truth. I thought core beliefs were made up of a person’s perceived core truths. If not, then how can he change? does truth come with a truth sticker on it? or is there an arbiter to whom he can take appeal? Until we find one, I’ll try to fill in 😉

    • Todd juvinall says:

      George, wasn’t it Bill Clinton who said the truth is what you think it is, even if it isn’t?

  6. gregoryzaller says:

    I understood, from the comic strip, that the Village Idiot is saying that seeing the truth is looking at something from all sides without prejudice.

    • And do we then live in a world in which all things come with a yellow sticky delineating its sides so that we don’t overlook any of them? And who among us is currently the keeper of the ever reliable ‘prejudice meter’ that measures how much of that abundant commodity we color our glasses with as we examine ‘all sides’?

      • gregoryzaller says:

        OK, George, I’ll modify my point and say that only those who honestly attempt to look at something from all sides have any chance of getting it right.

    • Todd juvinall says:

      What is the truth? Clinton said it depended on what the definition of “is” is. And he is the left’s hero.

    • Todd juvinall says:

      I always found the view of some in this truth to be a bit confusing. Onne ma’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Who is telling the truth?

  7. Brad Croul says:

    Are you sure about that? According to Media Matters, the infanticide thing is bogus,

    Also, prejudicial, sweeping generalizations like, “The left wants abortion into the birth canal at seconds before birth” ignores the truth, which is that everyone sees things a little differently, even if they end up voting for the same candidate.

    I think you misunderstood the way “wants” was used in Ryan’s post. Women don’t “want” abortion, but sometimes they decide to “choose” abortion.

    • Todd juvinall says:

      Here is a current article to help you in your ignorance BradC.

      I have known a few women in my life who used abortion as a form of birth control. How does that square with want versus choice? No BradC, there was a huge battle over what came to be known as “late term” abortions in Congress and it was a party line vote. Democrats voted to allow, R’s not. I listened to the debates on CSPAN and sorry BradC, you know not what you a talking about. But you can get educated by doing some research. I know the decision to terminate a little human is tough on many women. There has been a huge epiphany of many who had one and they have decided they are for LIFE! My position is get the government out of the issue and teach people life, ethics and trust. Hopefully, the states then can decide what they want to do as it was before. Roe v Wade simply federalized state laws and the tenth Amendment was trashed.

  8. rl Crabb says:

    My second choice for the title of this post was “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him think.” One of the great things about having a mind is the ability to change it. Over the years, I’ve had to look at my own own beliefs and adjust them as the facts and my own experience went in other directions. That’s my point here.

    • Todd juvinall says:

      Hell yes! That is your point. We all think though don’t we? it is the one’s who think different than us who are wrong, right! LOL!

  9. Judith Lowry says:

    A bunch of men and not one woman talking about something private to females and which men know absolutely nothing about, from either a physical, spiritual or emotional level.
    Men should have their pricks pinched off the day they are born, and then have to earn them back.

    • Michael Anderson says:

      Ouch! That smarts!!

    • rl Crabb says:

      Thanks Judith, for getting us confused males out of this uncomfortable discussion and back on topic. I’d really hate to go through life with half a carrot.

    • Todd juvinall says:

      So men have no right to even have an opinion eh? That would be like a man telling a women you don’t have the right to discuss nard scratching since you have none. (but we don’t because we like it).

      No, I have never bought into the extreme lefty woman’s argument that the male has no rights in the issue of abortion simply because the woman was designated by nature to carry the child. That to me is a totally arrogant position. Men supply their half of the cocktail to create life and the resultant life if not aborted just might be a female. So, maybe the consultation with a female before making the decision on the ethics would be the least she could allow the male to be a part of? Besides, when the female decides to have the child, the male is required to pay for its well being until it is 18 whether she is married to him or not. Many women have the child and ironically the money for the child from the male sperm donor is taken without his permission (and by force of government) even though he was not consulted about the decision to birth the child. Kind of confusing eh?

      • Judith Lowry says:

        I see Todd, you remind me of those CEO’s who were asked to draw their wives’ reproductive systems, with hysterical results.
        Women do have “nards”, Todd, we just can’t scratch them.
        Here’s some help for you:

        And don’t bitch about the child support, men should pay for their offspring.
        Many do not and run clean away from their responsibility.
        They want us to trust them with decisions about our bodies?
        Not likely.

        • Todd juvinall says:

          Judith, I see your confusion about life and I am saddened by your narrow mindedness. If you can’t see your hypocrisy, then that really explains your tortured position.

          • Michael Anderson says:

            Todd. I’ll be interested in reading the results after you’ve had time to research Judith’s link. What did you learn?

          • Todd juvinall says:

            I think my personal exploration of the topic of her link is something I probably had a hand in at some time.

          • Michael Anderson says:

            Excellent, though I sincerely hope the TSA wasn’t involved.

        • gregoryzaller says:

          Wow, that was amazing

  10. gregoryzaller says:

    You will have to help me out here Todd. I am trying to understand this. It appears to me that Obama voted against a law designed to prohibit partial birth abortions and “said” that he did it to protect the health of the mother. You seem to be stating that he voted to allow partial birth abortions. Did I miss something?

    • Todd juvinall says:

      Reverse Greg. He voted against a law that would have allowed the baby, alive after a botched abortion, to be considered a human being and given protection for survival. Many of these babies were left in the sink to expire then tossed like garbage into the medical waste bags dumped at the landfills of Illinois..

  11. Brad Croul says:

    Horse sense would tell you that Obama is not “for” infanticide.

    Sorry, I am not buying your attempts to color Obama as a wannabe baby killer. But, I understand why you like the idea. You attempt to dehumanize Obama so you can rally other rigid ideologues to your Nugentesque point of view.

    “According to Politifact, an independent fact-checking organization that looked into similar claims made by former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum on the campaign trail, Obama voiced his opposition to the new legislation as a state senator because it would have given legal status to fetuses and would thus have been struck down by the courts, and because Illinois already had laws to ensure infants who survived abortions would be given medical attention.”

    • Todd juvinall says:

      No BradC, your blindness to the xenon gas of Obama’s position is palpable. It is simply impossible for you ad your ilk to face the truth, even when you see the persons vote. Good luck. Oh, and BTW, I have never owned a firearm so when you make comparisons to others perhaps you need to find out the facts before making them up. Just some simple advice.

  12. Judith Lowry says:

    Not sorry here, to be the source of your sadness. For you, happiness is sending eighteen year-olds to kill and die for your right to pump premium, and then squeal about the rights of fetuses.
    Talk about hypocrisy.
    If you never owned a gun, it follows that you did not serve your country.
    Where did you hide out while your contemporaries in Viet Nam were doing your fighting for you?
    “I served as a supervisor.”
    What a patriot.
    To paraphrase Shakespeare, you may hold your manhood cheap, that you were not with those brave soldiers when they needed you.

    • Todd juvinall says:

      My my my, the liberal woman attacks. What a hoot! I would suggest you really have nothing in the debate so you go personal as you libs always do. Tell us Judith, in your woman’s NOW mantra, did you serve our country in the military? Why did you bring that up anyway? I never served in the military because I did not volunteer. I was 1-A and in the first lottery. I was 326. They took up to 118. Never hid, worked and paid taxes and raised a family all that time. I have been a respectful American to the troops all my life as taught by my dad. How about you? Or were you in the Oakland airport when they came home and the leftwing spittle was flying the troops way.

      Have you ever placed yourself in the public eye and run for an office? You should try it out might make you less bitter if you would do something useful for your fellow man. I guess people like you are just mean but it does take people with your attitude to remind the rest of us why life is precious even a little babies in the womb. Life, what a concept!

  13. Judith Lowry says:

    Oh Todd,
    You are so tiresome.
    I was born into the United States Army at Walter Reed Army Hospital.
    I was raised in a military family all over the world.
    I understand sacrifice, discipline and protocol.
    Army Brats mature more quickly than civilian kids, we have to.
    My father was a WWII and Korean War hero and the kind of military man you could only dream about being.
    Guess again, not bitter, not liberal, not conservative, not raised in a protective bubble like you were.
    I have true respect for our soldiers which is why I hate to see their lives wasted for something like you.
    All your bullying talk and bluster doesn’t make you much more than a coward who chose not to serve and now you reap the benefits, while some of my friends and schoolmates lie buried in Arlington.
    That disgusts me.
    In truth, joining the military when you were young might have done you some good and made a real man out of you.
    Too late now, you cowardly custard.

  14. Brad Croul says:

    If Obama is a baby killer, here is a video that describes Republican sentiment,

  15. Todd juvinall says:

    Now that is certainly a twisted vdeo BradC. But I think overall, all men want to be in there.

  16. Judith Lowry says:

    Sheesh, that’s the best you can come up with?
    Todd, you are inarticulate and sputtering and I am bored with getting the best of you today.
    It has been so satisfying to me, (yawn) that I anticipate a delicious night’s sleep.
    Sweet dreams.

  17. Michael says:

    Todd J said earlier, in part:

    Many women have the child and ironically the money for the child from the male sperm donor is taken without his permission (and by force of government) even though he was not consulted about the decision to birth the child. Kind of confusing eh?

    Wow, hell has indeed frozen over. I agree with Todd for a change.

    I don’t support abortion except in extreme cases. Who does, why would you otherwise? But Todd makes a great point. Us guys have absolutely no say over what happens once our “deposit has been made”.

    I suppose this is a good argument for sterilization?

  18. Judith Lowry says:

    “I suppose this is a good argument for sterilization?”

    Michael, something even more radical than that, you might bolster your self-control by respecting the fact that a sexually thrilling “deposit”, can result in your losing control over your own DNA, and bank account, forever.
    That goes for both men and women.
    You might also consider the benefits of attiring yourself in “Don Juan’s raincoat”, when the occasion arises.
    Failing that, I hear that Mother Thumb, who lives over on Palm Ln., has four very lovely and accommodating daughters. You could drop in on them.

    • Michael says:

      Point taken. I see this is why Bob recommended “protection” before commenting.

      At the risk of embarrassing myself further, and further showing my apparent lack of self-control, I will say that the attacks on Todd are about as effective for me as the attacks on Jeff Ackerman.

      I’m sure Todd and I have many political differences, opposites, what have you. But I’m guessing he’s a nice guy. How else does one get elected supervisor? At least he had the guts to run for public office and defend his views in the spotlight.

      Same goes for Jeff A. If any of you attended the Home and Garden show recently, you’d have found him making the rounds and I heard him announce the raffle winner. Sounds to me like the man put a lot of time and effort into a Sunday afternoon. And for the record, I’ve never met the guy. Only recognized him.

      For the record, I consider myself mostly liberal, with some (growing) conservative leanings. I just tire of the attack on the status quo around here, because if you actually get away from the computer, this place is nothing like some bloggers would have you believe.

      • Todd juvinall says:

        I have a friend of the liberal bent who during my run as a Supervisor was constantly pounded by his liberal friend about me. How an you be friend with that terrible evil conservative “redneck”? How can you support his evil policies? )road paving and pothole repairs, LOL!). Anyway after being pummeled by these people he would always ask them if they ever met me. Nope. What a hoot!

  19. Todd juvinall says:

    The man should be consulted before an abortion is chosen by the mother. That seems real simple to me. Adoption is a answer to many women when they don’t want to be a mother. Since the state requires a dad to pay (sperm donor), why would they not allow some men’s rights? I think times will be a changin’ on this.

    JL appears to not have had any good experience with songs from Steely Dan but most women’s libbers are not what the men really want anyway in demeanor or looks. Too bad, so sad.

    • Michael Anderson says:

      Todd, the “women’s libbers” I know are attractive in all the ways that describes, plus they’re smart, employed, and self-assured. I think you might be stuck in a sixties meme that never existed.

      • Todd juvinall says:

        Oh no I know what I am talking about. I dated hundreds of girls in the 60′ and 70’s and they are as I have spoken about. Usually the cute ones had a homely one as a table mate. You may not have any experience in the game perhaps. I was chastised a number of times for opening a door for those libbers. They were confused. Now they are men haters even in their 60’s. What a hoot!

  20. Todd juvinall says:


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