Hey, we all want to support the police. It’s a tough job, but this is beyond the pale…

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    The Rock and Stick Act of 1232 BC has been upheld by the SCOTUS numerous times, and is fully supported by the NRSA, (National Rock and Stick Association), although they continue to argue for a citizen’s right to carry such weapons.

    Rep. Robert “Bubba” Dipwad, R-OK, has introduced an amendment, (which is tied to the national budget), that would allow “group-think shoots” by police as an acceptable action under the “He Started It” section of the penal code. And Senators McCain and Graham on Fox News have pointed to President Obama’s foreign policy as the central reason behind these occurrences. Indeed, the President playing basketball during the event shows a definite lack of support for law enforcement, and Speaker Boehner today announced a law suit charging gross negligence on the part of the Executive branch in relation to the incident. (Rep. Darrel Issa has also launched an investigation into what the President knew about the event, and when did he know it.)

    In addition, the VA announced that the victim, a veteran of 17 tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, showed no signs of PTSD, having lived peacefully in his cardboard box under the MLK Bridge in Pasco, WA since his return. The victims neighbors could not be reached for comment, as they were among the 22 veterans who committed suicide yesterday.

    America, the beautiful; the highest example of civilized society on Earth.

  2. Brad C. says:

    What ever happened to the good old billy club?
    Using a club to combat a rock thrower seems more appropriate.

  3. Steven Frisch says:

    Oh come on now, I am sure there is a good reason.

  4. Ben Emery says:

    Every time the police get let off for their abuse of power around the country it seems to make them even more emboldened and aggressive. Self Fulfilling Prophecy is being created here. Eventually the people will start shooting back when they feel they don’t have any real avenue of recourse and justice within our legal system.

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