Rain! Rain! Rain!

We’ve spent the last couple of days preparing for The Pineapple Apocalypse. Living next to a creek is always an adventure during periods of unsettled weather. I’ll try to post some photos later if the power doesn’t go out.

Stay dry, my friends!

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6 Responses to Rain! Rain! Rain!

  1. TD Pittsford says:

    ’tis as W.C. Fields in his immortal short “The Fatal Glass of Beer” so aptly observed, “Taint a fit night out fer man nor beast.” (This followed by a handful of Ivory Flakes tossed in his face from offstage.)

  2. rl crabb says:

    All quiet on the western front…we had about five inches of water in the backyard, but the deluge let up and the creek retreated. It happened shortly before sunrise, so we don’t have photos. Now it’s time to get ready for round two…

  3. Michael R. Kesti says:

    My version goes, “It’s a great day to be outside… If you’re a DUCK!” It comes from arriving at GVG’s Bitney Springs site one very rainy morning in the early ’80’s and observing ducks having a rollicking good time in and around the ponds. Their world had suddenly become 100% wet and there could be no doubt that they loved it!

  4. Russ Steele says:

    How does the creek look? Please let us know the result in the morning.

    • rl crabb says:

      The creek has dropped to about three feet below flood stage here at Crabb Hollow. (There’s a reason we call it “hollow.” We’re at a low point.) I’m thankful that the weather has been mild today. We’ll need all the capacity that creekbed can handle if the storm is as bad as they say it will be.

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