This “secession movement” really did happen -as a joke- back in the mid-sixties. As with most promotions, it was aimed at the media in the hope of attracting attention to our little “podunk” county. The figure in the first panel is Peter Ingram, who was the editor of The Union at the time. I remember seeing him on KCRA news laying out the case for hitching our star to the state of Nevada.

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5 Responses to Secession

  1. Speaking of secession Bob, did you secede from NC Voices, or did you and Dr Haynes have some words, or are you now assigned to a less prominent spot that I have yet to discover???

    • rl crabb says:

      George – I have been moved to a new category titled “Centrist” in which I am the only resident, although my name doesn’t appear there anywhere. I’m right above Yubanet. Don’t have a clue why I have been singled out. I left a note in the NC Voices suggestion box, but no response from Anna, as of this morning.

    • Tom Odachi says:

      I wondered the same thing. I found RL’s site in a new “central” location on “NC Voices” — right in the middle of the page, under the title, “Centrists”.

  2. gregoryzaller says:

    Well that solves the mystery. I thought you were on hiatus then finally today googled RLrabb to discover life had been going on without me. What a rush it was to catch up!

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