Running Out Of Promises

Who wouldn’t want all those things the caravan of candidates are promising? It’s a veritable smorgasbord of new or expanded entitlements, along with voting rights for sixteen year olds and convicted felons. And now, a proposed two trillion dollar infrastructure package from Trumpy and Congress.

There are those who believe it can all pencil out with a billionaire tax and cutting defense to the bone. Gawd, I wish my bank was that easy to fool.

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Take this to your bank:

    We spend roughly $600 billion a year on defense. The majority of other industrialized nations, including Russia, spend 1/10th of that. So, if we double the competition and spend $120 billion a year, that’s a savings of $480 billion a year, or $4.8 TRILLION over ten years, and certainly enough to pay for building over bombing.

    And that figure doesn’t even include the 60 top Fortune 500 companies that paid zero taxes in 2018 which, even if they only paid the minimum corporate tax rate of 13.6%, could build us a shiny, new infrastructure, all on its own.

    If your bank has trouble cyphering any of that, please let them know where I can be reached.

  2. rl crabb says:

    I count myself among those who believe we need some kind of medicare-for-all. It’s a matter of how much coverage such a system would be able to offer, realistically. Some believe it should be limited to catastrophic coverage, while others want to cover everything from dental to convalescent homes. This article lays out some of the hurdles. (And keep in mind we’d be turning the health industry on its head in addition to the massive green deal, free college, reparations, etc., etc.,)….

    • Chris Peterson says:

      The three areas where we lag behind the world in meaningful performance are; health care, climate change, and education. We used to lead in all three, but around forty to fifty years ago, it was decided that capitalism, (the dollar), was more important than human development.
      Now, we are in a position, where, to change course truly is next to impossible, especially in an atmosphere where suddenly laws are merely guidelines to be followed, or not followed, depending on one’s political persuasion. We now suffer the exact same problems that the Constitution supposedly fixed in the Articles of Confederation.
      Without unity of purpose, we are doomed to failure and the current tide of oligarchy.

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