Talk To The Rock

It’s going to be hot again today…

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    We were at 116 here in Oregon, just yesterday. At this moment, it’s 72. Ahhh. And I thought my elder boomer years were going to be boring. One thing I have in common with the ‘Party that says Nee’ is their desire to return to yester-years. I will readily admit that I’d gladly trade the shit that’s going on today for my yesterdays, good and bad. There are too many people coming at ya’ from way too many directions, from woke to space lasers. As one of my favorites says,

    A 44 degree swing in temp in one day, after three days of triple digits? Nothing weird there, right? And in astronomy, an anomaly is something completely different and irrelevant. (Or is it.) Just kidding, it is. (Or is it?) Just foolin’. (?)

  2. For the edification of us relative newcomers, who was Chet Dyer and what’s the significance of the rock? Where is it located?

  3. Chris Peterson says:

    This one’s been up at the Paso Robles Inn for decades.

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