The Shortest Month*

February389*The days don’t match up with this year’s calendar, (like Mardi Gras doesn’t come until March) but it’s still fun to look at!

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4 Responses to The Shortest Month*

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    The dead of winter is taking on new meaning down there in Cali, eh? Sad, and it’s gonna get ugly.

    Even up here in Orainagain , my pasture is turning brown.

  2. Dear Professor Crabb:

    I’m familiar with several alternative views of American history, but it never occurred to me to think of Aaron Burr as the first American to shoot a banker. I now view him in a much more positive light.

  3. Don Baumgart says:

    I once told a friend I was giving up drink for the month of January and she suggested I change that to February. “It’s the shortest month.” Good advice.

  4. stevefrisch says:

    I pledge to give up drinking on leap day!

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