All Quiet On The Western Front

Under Siege287The siege of the Alamo lasted thirteen days. The siege of the courthouse could last thirteen years. (And that’s just the study!)

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3 Responses to All Quiet On The Western Front

  1. Judith Lowry says:

    As a “Susan Villain”, at heart, I am very proud of our beautiful courthouse. It’s a gem inside and out, solid granite with gorgeous detailing within.
    A hundred years ago it was built to last.
    Even the enormous ferns in the lobby have been there from the day it opened.
    The old jail house that sits beside it is stout and handsome as well.
    The new Lassen County courthouse is supposed to echo the old design.
    You can judge for yourself by googling Lassen County Courthouse images, and compare.
    The new court house is state of the art and quite a bit larger, so it was needed.
    But the old court house is much beloved and the county has repurposed it and moved some of the county offices into it, so it will have a new life.
    I hope Nevada County can find a way to restore it’s court house where it is, whether as a court house or support facility to a new court house, and bring it back to glory, whether it be Art Deco or Neo-Classical, like the old beauty that has graced Susanville for so long.
    It’s a queen of a structure and should be treated as such.

  2. It seems few people outside of Nevada City really care about where the courthouse is; certainly, they aren’t interested in funding a self-serving report to justify keeping the courthouse where it is.

    If you live outside Nevada City, a courthouse at the Rood Center would be much more accessible. The current one should be turned into something that generates tax revenue for the city. As you have pointed out, Nevada City has too many government building that don’t pay any taxes.

    But the real fun will be tomorrow night, when the boardwalk goes before the city council. It makes me almost wish I lived there.

  3. This is nostalgic for me, because we were born and raised here. Mel’s father hauled the gravel for the courthouse when it was built, and also for the grammar school. Lots of wonderful memories.

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