Calling All Presidents!

  It has been brought to my attention that The Famous Marching Presidents of Nevada City are conducting a fundraiser on Sunday, August 19, to be hosted by the Ol’ Republic Brewery located underneath the Nevada City SPD market. They will be offering attendees a brand new 16oz. glass emblazoned with The Great Seal of the Marching Presidents (designed by yers truly) at the unheard of price of $10. Participants will then be encouraged to fill their Holy Presidential Grail with the fine variety of beverages offered by the host. Head President David Parker (Martin Van Buren) encourages all Ex-Prez’s and First Ladies to wear their favorite t-shirt or other executive accessories. The public, of course, is invited. Festivities begin at 1pm and continue until 5pm, or impeachment, whichever comes first.

We here at occasionally make sport of our Chief Executives, but we honor their service to our great nation nonetheless. The presidents have been a regular feature of the Constitution Day parade for the past twenty-five years, and we look forward to seeing their smiling faces at this year’s extravaganza on Sunday, September 9. For a gander at past designs, and general info, please check out their official webpage…

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4 Responses to Calling All Presidents!

  1. Michael Anderson says:

    Wow, this looks like a great party Bob. I will definitely be there. Great choice of venue as well.

    You might mention that they serve no food there, but because it’s a beer garden, not only are children welcome to sit with the suds-guzzlers but hungry people can order delicious items from all the surrounding venues and they will deliver: PJs, Jernigan’s, Miner Moe’s, Cal Organics, and others.

    All I have to say is FANTASTIC!

  2. TD Pittsford says:

    As much as I support the Marching Presidents, I find it unfortunate that they have found it necessary to use Google Plus and Facebook for visibility. These are two of the most invasive, unsecured entities on the planet. I guess I’ll just have to stick to Crabb’s BLOG for my information. In the meantime good luck to all you marchers!

  3. rl crabb says:

    Karen Chizek would like to remind supporters of the Presidents that this year’s t-shirt, past designs or any other FMP memorabilia (shot glasses, sweatshirts, baseball caps) can be purchased at, just enter Famous Marching Presidents into the search box.
    Also, you can get updates on the activities of the FMP by visiting Facebook (unless your name is Pittsford) and entering Famous Marching Presidents in the search box. (The FMP website is dated and no longer has anyone with the expertise to update it. Any volunteers?)

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