Changing Of The Guard

Sugarloaf Explodes582Back in 2007, I did this cartoon to note the retirement of then-mayor Steve Cottrell. Now it is seven years later and Mayor Sally Harris is about to leave city hall. No signs of volcanic activity from Sugarloaf, yet.

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  1. Greg Goodknight says:

    Bid Tax?

    • rlcrabb says:

      At the time, NC was still involved in a civil war over the business district “tax” required from every downtown biz.

      • Larry Polk says:

        And a resounding success it was, resulting in a half-dozen Ikea benches and… well, I don’t know what else except it sure alienated a lot of business owners and just about killed community unity. I’m still not sure why a handful of park benches would improve busness in Nevada City when it’s parking we really needed and still do.

        • Chris Peterson says:

          They should open, or create, a mine shaft for underground parking. Who knows; maybe they might hit a vein of gold to pay for the whole thing.

  2. Sugarloaf may be silent, but a crime wave has erupted in the Queen of the Northern Mines, with a bank being robbed (where are the cops when you need them?) and unsavory characters hanging around a gas station.

    We know this because the foothills taskmaster, a resident of the town, knows crime, having spent time in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. But he apparently never got out of his car long enough to observe the low life up close. If he had, he would have never bought a house within shouting distance of a 24-hour gas station that sells booze. (And he calls me a moron!)

    It hasn’t been a good month for the big fella, particularly after the votes were counted. Let us count the ways:

    –He dismissed the election outcome because of low voter turnout, then tried to convince his gullible readers that Brian Dahle is a moderate.

    –The teabagger-funded PAC he found so offensive backed two winners and got its third candidate into a runoff.

    –His favorite elected got defeated and his second favorite elected had to be shown the error of his ways by a Republican (rotation? what rotation?)

    –Then there was Art Moore, who barely beat out an underfunded, no-name independent for the right to get crushed by Tom McClintock in November.

    It’s hard to be so wrong when you ego demands that you always be right.

    • rlcrabb says:

      The hate machine has certainly revved up today. Here’s a quote from Curtis Walker at SFR; “When the masses do go postal, old white men ain’t got enough guns to deal with the masses looking for them. Being old and white will not be cool.” Talk about racist!!!
      Monday’s police blotter almost takes up a whole page, and over at Rebane’s, there are a few dozen posts that just say “fuck you.”
      Weird, and very sad.

  3. steve cottrell says:

    Thanks for the memory. Hard to believe that was seven years ago. Yikes!

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