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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    I remember your dad in the checkstand at Purity; one of my sharper memories of growing up there, for some reason. Kinda’ like gym class at Hennessy with Albert Ali, or seeing Mr. Berry on his daily walkabout. Back before Interstate 80, when every vehicle in CA came right through the middle of GV and you could walk from the junior high all the way down Empire Street to Mill.
    Having retired from Safeway some years ago, I’m very glad, indeed, that I missed this particular event. Although, I’m not finding this ‘pandemic’ near as threatening, nor the government response near as appropriate, as it is being reported.
    On the home front: can’t hold out for my barber any longer, which means my wife gets to shear my mane. She’s part Native American, so few things make her smile as much as when she’s cutting off this white man’s hair.

  2. My wife’s first job out of college was in the advertising department of Purity in Burlingame. She couldn’t decide between advertising and P.R. until Purity offered her $100 a month more than a P.R. agency. She never looked back.

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