Fashion Statement

Mary Ann and I have ventured out several times this week for food, garden supplies and to mail packages. It’s been a mixed bag out there. Most of the parking lots in Glenbrook are full, and the majority of people wear no protection whatsoever.

We’ve been using masks and gloves. (Luckily, I’m married to a former caregiver who had some leftover supplies.) When we get home we remove the masks and gloves to be reused and remove most of our outer clothing to be washed or aired out.

Even so, a few people on Facebook gave me a hard time for going out at all. It’s a real minefield on social media right now. Bill Gates and George Soros plan to kill us with vaccines. COVID-19 is a hoax to destroy the economy to herald in the new age of socialism. Mayor Senum has gone into hyper anxiety over the secret installation of telecom towers while no one is looking.

Only one thing is certain. We definitely will never be the same.


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  1. At lease you get to explore the outside world. Our daughter, a refugee from her teaching job in Beijing, insists on doing all of the shopping so the old folks don’t have to leave the friendly confines of Lake of the Pines. I’m actually looking forward to a routine doctor’s appointment in early May, although that will probably be done online.

    My reading of the three-step process for returning to normal suggests seniors will be the last ones out and the first ones back in if we have a second wave of coronavirus. Meanwhile, I need a hair cut and a new battery for my watch. Help!

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