George C. Bendover

Chaos Campground528To my good friends, Sid and Jennifer Clifford, for hosting the best long-running party in all Nevada County. Thirty-seven years, by most accounts, although it might be thirty-eight. Sid says it’s all over for Bendover, but it will live in our memories forever. Thank you.

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  1. San French says:

    Nevada County has had some monumental long running cool ass parties over the years. Kite Day was always a bash out at Bebe’s ranch…and then there was Brigg’s Pond (RIP Hoggy). I think I was playing with Griffin at Kite Day when Charlie & Doc came and kidnapped me & Art back to Atlanta…just unplugged us and said ‘You guys are comin’ with us.’ …and we did.
    I hear tell of a Charlie Mason ‘Loo-ow’ (sp?) on the horizon. Is he still alive?? I saw you and MA there years back and actually had a good time. If you hear, shoot me a line…and God Bless The Bendover Family of shennanigans all these years.

  2. Raymond Reynolds says:

    Hey Crabman : y’all know I’m back here in Fayetteville NC
    The Waffle House restaurant .. There’s a gal here that’s covered in buttons!
    So I passed out my 1995 bendover pin to her. She will be going on line here to give it’s story. Love you buddy! Ya kite day: hoggys gig! I remember being in court telling the judge.. Hey where doing it! No your NOT said the judge! We fooled them all didn’t we!
    Do you remember the gig up on Sugarloaf?
    We had the best music, most fun ever! Love you Mr. Crabb
    Your BIC Raymond

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