Ghosts Of Elections Past Finale

Chron Wild Dogs III750This was the wrap up for the Wild Dogs coverage of the 1984 Democratic convention in the San Francisco Chronicle. Everyone knew that Mondale was going to get his ass kicked in November, so to spice up an otherwise lost campaign Wally decided to make history by picking a woman as his running mate. (Mayor Dianne Feinstein was a close second, but the Dems were not quite ready to pick a Jewish woman. Americans can only absorb so much progress in one sitting.)

The artists featured in this chapter were Victor Moscoso (top left), Dan O’Neill (top right), a panel written by Paul Krassner and illustrated by RL Crabb (middle left), a bunny by the great Burne Hogarth (in circle), and Mike Powell (bottom left) and Gary Hallgren (bottom right).

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5 Responses to Ghosts Of Elections Past Finale

  1. Greg Goodknight says:

    I had to look up Burne Hogarth to find out who he was… the White Rabbit as Don Quixote was inspired, and I thought at first it might have been Vaughn Bode or maybe Ralph Bakshi, but no.

    He was the artist who drew the Sunday morning Tarzan strips before I was born, and, I suspect, were rerun after that but I never got hooked on them. Old school classics.

    Bob, what was Hogarth’s “Drago”?

  2. It looks like Mr. Bubba got scooped on this one:

    He needs to be more judicious when it comes to anointing his favorite electeds.

  3. rlcrabb says:

    A week before the election. How convenient.

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