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While we are currently in a feeding frenzy to reign in misinformation and seditious rants it is important to show some restraint before recklessly charging into censorship. I’ve always been critical of the cancel culture that is slowly eating away at free speech, and the new administration will be under pressure to dampen the voices of dissent.

We can all agree that no one should be shouting “FIRE!” in a crowded theater, that is, unless there actually is one.


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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Not to be confused with speech that incites a riot, as in the words of many GOP actors such as the now infamous terrorist, Donald J. Trump who sought to overthrow our form of government and the will of the American people in a fair and legal election.

    And to those who failed in that insurrection and now call for unity, we DO NOT negotiate with terrorists. The murderous riot of Jan. 6th wasn’t just another political gambit, it was a full-scale assault on our nation and every bit as ill-intentioned as 9-11. All those complicit in that action must fully atone for their crime against the American people.

    “A republic, if we can keep it.”

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