Long Road Ahead

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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    I don’t know how in the heck you were able to swing Thornton’s contract but damn, nice work. I’m sure Mary Ann was thrilled.

  2. rlcrabb says:

    Once again, I’ve been reprimanded by the wise conservative voices of Nevada County…

    • Chris Peterson says:

      I just perused ReVain’s clubhouse of childish miscreants and boy, what a collection of immature fools. Currently, they are all in arms about the “new liberal online hunt for domestic terrorists.” As if these milquetoast cowards would ever be on anyone’s list of terrorists of any kind. They aren’t the Proud Boys, or any organized group of action figures; simply a clubhouse of stunted neurotics who bolster each others’ egos with a circle jerk of political bullshit.

      It’s laughable that they would feel threatened by the FBI’s search for domestic terrorists; I would think a local knitting club would be higher on a list of possible threats. Relax boys, you’re on the FBI’s “no threat” list.

    • Your problem is that you’re one of those lightly-read, black-and-white liberals Dr. Rebane is always complaining about. Unlike Walt, Todd and the other erudite regulars on his blog, you don’t get the “facts” from Breitbart, Daily Caller, Fox News, Fox Business (especially Lou Dobbs), Newsmax, OANN, the Federalist, Parler, Infowars and other subterranean outlets in the conservative ecosystem. I noticed that Dr. R recently added Epoch Times and Newstarget to the syllabus.

      But there’s always hope if you keep drinking from the good doctor’s vast reservoir of knowledge. Personally, it takes more stamina than I have to wade through the writing of somebody who never uses one word when five will get the job done.

  3. Robert Cross says:

    “Once again, I’ve been reprimanded by the wise conservative voices of Nevada County…”

    A badge of honor I’m sure you will proudly wear..

  4. Michael Anderson says:

    This is the blog with moral valance. Others not.

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