Memorial Day

American Patriots073While searching for some artwork, I came across this flyer from 2003. I remember this meeting well. The Board of Supervisors, (Drew Bedwell, Sue Horne, Peter Van Zant, Robin Sutherland and Barbara Green) were asked by representatives of the Green Party to pass a symbolic resolution stating that Congress should vote on any military invasion of Iraq before the Bush administration took any action. Conservatives went ballistic, and organized this effort. The meeting was perhaps the most contentious I’ve ever attended. You could feel the hate emanating from the crowd. I think the wording of the poster says it all.

All these years later, many of those who supported that effort still refuse to admit that the Iraq War was a horrible blunder that cost 4000 American lives and thousands more who have been mentally and physically crippled. The war left such a bad impression on this nation that now, as an even worse enemy seizes power in old Mesopotamia, we are reluctant to get too involved. It is a situation that will have enormous consequences for future generations no matter which course we follow.

As we honor the fallen this Memorial Day, we would do well to remember that we should never blindly enter into such endeavors, and that those who disagree are no less patriotic.



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6 Responses to Memorial Day

  1. Eric Bare says:

    I think that George Bush was so bad for this country that we shouldn’t trust any of his relatives either.

  2. Terry says:

    Yes, you’re both right and that’s the problem. Obama has sold us down the proverbial river, and both Bill and Hillary have shown a remarkable propensity towards self-centered and some would even say downright evil activities. They are undoubtedly among the most disingenuous individuals in American politics today who will stop at nothing to gain their own ends. The GOP has no one to offer and seem mired in their own inability to agree among themselves what the American people need. This is the problem: No matter who becomes the next so called leader of the free world, we are in for disastrous and even more confusing times. I keep thinking that if Jesus is ever going to come back, NOW is the time.

  3. Chris Peterson says:

    Sadly, as you can see from the comments, there are those who give equal weight to letting us be attacked, destroying an uninvolved nation, and crashing the world economy, with ending the war, killing the guy who attacked us, and saving us from a total economic depression. Looks like those who supported the original poster for war, like all the republican candidates, would do it again, even knowing what we now all know.

    Oh wait; the one only killed and maimed tens of thousands; the other actually gave the poor access to medical attention. My bad- it’s all even-up. (You gotta’ use some pretty lame logic to put Bush and Obama anywhere near the same level of competence.)

    I thought, after Viet Nam, we wouldn’t get lied into another war; at least until all of us had passed on and the lesson forgotten. Boy, was I wrong. Not that they’d ever sign up to go themselves, but some folks just can’t get enough of that shit.

  4. Brad C. says:

    …where can I get a side of Freedom Fries these days?

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