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Doc - Georgia334Here’s some of the memorabilia from those thrilling days of yesteryear. Top Left: This is at the cabin we lived in. No electricity, no phone. Surrounded by kudzu. Top Right: Doc, Billy, and Steve Lane. We were on top of Stone Mountain. Bottom Left: Doc, Billy and me at the duplex in Fairburn. Bottom Right: The first thing we had to do at the cabin was dig a latrine for the outhouse. One day Charlie dropped his wallet, which contained the last five dollars we had to our name. It was quite a job, but we eventually retrieved it.

carrie nation bistro ad331Our first real gig in Atlanta was at a club called The Bistro. It was so small we had to turn the amplifiers toward the wall to avoid blowing out the audience’s eardrums.


carrie nation poster332This is the poster for our first gig in Nevada City after returning in 1976. It was supposed to showcase the Nation and another local band, Absalom, but their bass guitarist, Art Mommi, died before the show happened. Art had been a member of Carrie Nation, and he and Doc wrote several songs together.

carrie nation ads330

Some ads for the shows the band did with various other acts.Doc - Union City House335

This is Doc at our 16 room haunted boarding house in Union City, Georgia. The rent for the entire building was $75 a month.




DOC National326

This photo of Doc was taken earlier this year at the Mt. St. Mary’s class reunion, held at the National Hotel.

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  1. Greg Goodknight says:

    “The Grateful Dead of Union City, GA” Crabbman 1976. Great concert poster, Earl.

    Sharing the Keystone stage with Bob Weir’s Kingfish, playing Friday and Sat night with Elvin Bishop and Kingfish at the San Jose Civic and Winterland… that’s pretty big time for a small band.

    Sorry I missed all that by being a SoCal kid, and sorry for your loss. Old friends are irreplaceable.

  2. rl crabb says:

    Tuesday, December 10, Paul Emery and I are going to play Doc’s music and talk about his life on KVMR. The program starts at 9am. You late sleepers better set your alarm clocks.

    • rlcrabb says:

      Almost two hundred people showed up for the services at Hooper Weaver, a testament to Doc’s ability to touch people’s lives. He had many families besides his blood relatives. The Carrie Nation family was well represented. Charlie and Rick Williams, Bill Smart, Hugh Glasco, and scores of folks who were band followers and friends showed up. The Penn Valley gang was there, most of whom I had never met before. And he was sent off with full military honors. In all the time I had known him, Doc never mentioned that he was twice decorated with the Purple Heart. He was loyal to all his bands of brothers, but his experiences in Vietnam affected his view of the conflict. The first song he ever wrote was called The War and he performed it with Carrie Nation. Although I can’t post the song here, I can give you the lyrics.
      The war has been called off today
      on account of lack of interest
      Nobody died today, on account of
      The war has been called off today
      on account of lack of interest
      No coffins rolled in the street today
      on account of nobody died today on account of
      the war has been called off today
      on account of lack of interest
      Old men sit and cry
      asking themselves why
      What happened to
      the world I used to know?
      Have you seen them there
      dancing in the streets
      and look at all that hair
      No shoes on their feet

      You can hear the live version on KVMR Tuesday morning at 9am.
      As Charlie said to me, Doc would have been happy with the turnout on Friday. A full house, standing room only. The stage was all his.

  3. rl crabb says:

    I just received an email from Bob Winters in Penn Valley announcing a memorial for Doc for those who couldn’t attend the services in Nevada City. It will be held on Saturday, January 11 from 4pm to 8pm in the community room of the old firehouse and will be a potluck supper. The rodeo board of directors recently voted to name the barrel racing event as the Doc Halstead Memorial Barrel Racing Series. It’s a fitting tribute for our favorite cowboy. Happy Trails.

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