The More Things Change…

Middle East Realty057I did this cartoon nine years ago, and actual events have taken many strange and unforeseen turns, the strangest being that Fidel Castro is still alive.

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2 Responses to The More Things Change…

  1. Terry says:

    Don’t sell that sandpile just yet. When the rest of the world makes the decision to turn that real estate into one huge field of melted silicon. It will make an excellent glass parking lot.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    Herb Caen’s “Baghdad by the Bay” has left a lot of folks confused.

    Me? I invested heavily in Beirut Beer, but today, the word on the street is to buy Cuban pesos: InFidel We Trust. And while it is said that “no man is an island,” Castro has some questioning if Ponce Deleon’s search for the fountain of youth wasn’t off by 90 miles. He’s outlived, and out-lasted, many an American President hell-bent on his demise. I think his secret is that his communism is run the same as our democracy: from the top down.
    I also think that Obama has found the missing key to unraveling communist rule in Cuba: open up a normal relationship and let the insidious forces of capitalism bring him to his knees.

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