Economizing Your Vote

Just when you thought rabid right Nevada County had been consigned to a humiliating defeat in the June primary, a savior from the southland appears to set us straight.¬† It remains to be seen what malarkey Randy Economy has been whispering into Jason Tedder’s tender ears.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Diaz Derangement Syndrome has been rampant in the conspiracy obsessed wing of our local Gasping Old Party. Despite¬† the numerous failed attempts to dislodge Clerk/Recorder Greg Diaz by former candidate/attorney Barely Pruett and the grunting and wheezing on Rebane’s Ruinations, it appears that voters trusted his handpicked successor to carry the election torch for another four years.

But now Economy (his real name, I’m told), a political hack blogger who last surfaced as a senior advisor for the dump Gavin recall fiasco, says he will bankroll a recount of clerk/recorder votes, at least for a few days.

Okay. Can’t wait to see how this one plays out.

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