After The Deluge

we will rebuildWe spent most of this week preparing for the Storm of the Century. Our house is on a low, flood-prone stretch of Wolf Creek, and we’ve lost yard furniture and garbage cans in past years. Fortunately, the worst of the weather passed by the foothills this time around. The creek never even came close to running over its banks.

I feel for the folks on the coast who weren’t as lucky, but really, we Californians tend to overhype everything.

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5 Responses to After The Deluge

  1. fish says:

    I for one have low to the ground dogs who returned from the elements with muddy bellies!

    The horror!

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    We didn’t get much rain here, but 70 mph winds took down a lot of trees, (four of them on my neighbors house), and power lines. My yard looks like a disaster area, but no hardcore damage. All I have to do is clean up, and nail the roofing back on my shop.

    My dogs are normal height, but were smart enough to ride out the storm downstairs. (Cowards, or just smart?)

    Glad to hear you made it OK, Bob. I remember back in ’68 (?) Wolf Creek looking like Bear River, and Deer Creek, where we lived, looked like the American.

  3. Ben Emery says:

    This storm turned out to be much less powerful than it was hyped up to be. Maybe it was the hype of the storm that caused people to take proper precautions that has reduced much of the problems that are normally associated with high winds and rain. It is the catch 22 of forecasters, under cut the threat and people/property suffer or over estimate the threat and people are disappointed/ angry they were misled. We in developed nations are very pampered and don’t handle acute adversity well at all.

    I love the photo and message.

    Here is how undeveloped or undeveloped nations handle adversity.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Could be a coastal thing; folks inland pretty much know what they’re getting.

      Maybe that’s why ye gods made tornadoes; to keep it interesting? They used to only attack trailer parks, but people started building wood houses. If I were them, I’d skip straight to the third Little Pig and go for the brick.

  4. fish says:

    My dogs are normal height, but were smart enough to ride out the storm downstairs. (Cowards, or just smart?)

    I generally always give dogs the benefit of the doubt! I’m going with smart!

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