At least They Didn’t Put Him In A Head Lock

While cruising around the net, I found this Robert Crumb drawing of San Francisco journalist-raconteur Warren Hinckle. It portrays Warren’s 1985 bust for walking his dog, Bentley, without a license, but it was really about his scathing columns in the Chronicle denouncing the police harassment of the Mitchell Brothers’ porn palace, the O’Farrell Theater. Hinckle

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  1. steve cottrell says:


    Ah, how well I remember that day. I was managing the legendary M&M Tavern in ’85 –– where Warren hung out and where Bentley often ate his lunch, (hamburger patty, rare, served on a plate so that he could eat next to Warren’s barstool).

    Fortunately, the S.F. Board of Health never dropped by for an inspection when Bentley was eating or sleeping on the bar floor while Warren was having a pop or two, reading his mail.

    Nearly thirty years ago? Impossible. Seems like yesterday.

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