And Now A Word From Your Congressman…

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5 Responses to And Now A Word From Your Congressman…

  1. Your depiction of LaMalfa with an oversized cowboy hat reminds me of an old saying Texans use to call out BS: “Big hat, no cattle.”

  2. rlcrabb says:

    Skip ahead to minute 38 and you’ll find a familiar (unmasked) character in the news…

  3. Barry Pruett says:

    As I walked up the Capitol steps a few years back, I commented to an employee of a congressman that I could not believe that an idiot and hack like LaMalfa is a congressman. The individual responded, “Oh Barry…This Capitol building is full of idiots like him…” Truer words never spoken. Lol.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      I think it’s important to start making a distinction between Republicans, (10), and Trumplicans, (197), in the vote to impeach. As many who have quit the party, or politics completely, have shown, this is no longer a party that comes to the table with intelligent arguments and proposals, it’s a mob demanding retribution for having lost a national showdown of political will.
      The sad thing is that, as a liberal, I fully realize that we need the “other side” to argue for or against the agenda of progressive politics to keep the movement honest and focused on that which benefits us all equally. Having ignorant fools parading around with confederate flags and spouting the orange man’s lies is counter-productive for us all.

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