Duane Sandin

With great sadness I must report the passing of Duane Sandin, 84, late of Yakima, Washington. An ornery old cuss, but a better friend I never had.

Those who have followed this blog over the years may remember Duane as the main character in my graphic selfiography, Scablands. We had many wild and crazy times over the last half century.

He leaves his wife, Donna, son Kenny, and daughter Montessa.

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  1. Larry Thomas says:

    Debby and I are sure going to miss our phone calls with Duane. Shortly after we moved to Salmon in 1994 he came to visit and commented on how many cars he saw on main street with the keys left in the ignition. Repo men never miss a thing. We went to Missoula to watch him race on his Triumph in the over 65 age class…. he did very well. Him and Donna sleeping in his homemade camper. Fond memories.

  2. mike kirchner says:

    Once of grass valley. I remember too much of my 55 years of Duane Hampton sandin. I love him so much and 99.9% of those years together. although I missed the time crabman spent in repo world with Duane. I also like so many others will as long as my brain is working will relive all of it.
    For everyone mike kirchner bigfork mt8

  3. rlcrabb says:

    Good to know there are still a few of us left to keep the memories alive. Duane called me out of the blue about a month ago. It was the first time I’d spoken with him in years. He really seemed to be at peace with himself and the world.

  4. Hoby Thomas says:

    I was just telling some friends about Duane riding that old triumph up in Missoula. That tough SOB wasn’t afraid of shit, I told em.
    His way of slowing down was buying that old thinker off mine so he could ride in the 500 class too. Quite the character.

    Listening to his stories and watching him love what he was doing, when he was “to old”, will always be a great inspiration for me.
    Cheers to a guy who lived life his way.
    He’ll be missed for sure

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