Watching the Board of Supes meeting on Tuesday, Chairman Miller and staff offered to let the protestors come in from the cold numerous times, but most preferred to stand their ground.

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2 Responses to Freeze-dom

  1. Robert Cross says:

    This about says it all doesn’t it? No small wonder Nevada County can’t get out of the purple zone. Apparently you can fool some of the people all of the time into thinking that somehow “personal freedom” trumps (pun intended) the health and welfare of other people. Conservative maroons seem to have nothing better to do than complain about “being treated unfairly” like The Godfather of whine and consummate loser DJT.

  2. Michael Anderson says:

    Lookee who’s in Orange!

    “–6 counties in Orange (moderate) Tier (2.0% of population): Mariposa, Plumas, San Francisco, San Mateo, Sierra, and Yolo”

    These are counties where there are either very few human beings per square mile (Mariposa, Plumas, Sierra), or counties where I presume there is a very high rate of mask compliance.

    Wearing a mask is also how countries like Australia (36 deaths per million) were able to avoid devastated economies and politicized health care policies (the USA is at 1,647 deaths per million).

    Nevada County has a virulent strain of anti-maskers so I guess we’ll stay in the Red until everyone gets vaccinated.

    Oh, wait…

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