Here We Goat Again

Over two separate terms on the Nevada City City Council, Reinette Senum has managed to garner national (and even international) headlines for her controversial opinions, ranging from killer cops to her present stand on the legality of wearing masks. Despite the negative press coverage for the city, her supporters either agree with her or choose to look the other way and focus her accomplishments promoting the farmer’s market, pedestrian upgrades on Commercial St. and the “Goatfundme” campaign to defoliate fire prone areas surrounding the city.

But this time she may have alienated too many residents. Vacation rental facilities are reporting cancellations and the rhetoric surrounding the use of masks has divided an already divided community.

Reinette could have worded her objections to the mask mandate any number of ways that wouldn’t have triggered the latest media feeding frenzy, but that would require learning from past mistakes, something the mayor has never been able to grasp.

The outgoing city council will hold a special session to deal with the issue on Tuesday. Look for pre-Fourth of July fireworks.

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  1. NIELSEN A LOCKE says:

    Hi Bob,
    She should not have used the term Mayor, she does Not speak for the City or most of the citizens. I am not sure it is even legal for her to use the term concerning her own personal conspiracies. In the same league as Steve Cottrell – their own Bully Pulpit – to the detriment of the Community.

  2. Today’s editorial cartoon is another winner. I assume those are the goats Senum brought to town last year.

  3. Philip says:

    I guess it was always going to happen but the town is really different since Hwy 49 up from Auburn was improved from a funky 2 lane ride to easy access. I remember when dogs on Broad St. had the right of way, kids rode horses in to town on Saturdays, and miners, properly licensed of course, could buy dynamite at Alpha Hardware. Maybe it’s just nostalgia for my youth but the Disney-fied, preserved-in-amber, tourist destination version of Nevada City is less interesting than the if-you’re-not-a-logger-what-d0-you-do? version.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Same memories, same opinion.
      My wife and I and our daughter moved away around 1991, myself having grown up there and my daughter born and raised until 5. I’ve been back to visit a couple of times and I gotta say, I miss it about as much as it misses me.

      Tourism saved the town after the mines shut down and the mom and pop logging outfits were replaced by the corporate version of forestry. Families, like the Personeni’s, who had lived off the land, farming and logging, for decades, were pushed out for the influx of entrepreneurs, while people named Paine and Wycoff held them at bay, demanding changes be of historical nature. But eventually, they too, disappeared from the fabric of local culture, and last time I was in Nevada City, it had the same look and feel that it did before the resurgence; lifeless but for a few hold-out individuals. The whole ethos of the town has changed and those who now speak on behalf of the town’s image are very seldom anyone who I ever met, much less speaking about a time and place I remember.
      I guess I’m saying that Mayor Senum is no more foreign to my memories than most of those who complain about her, albeit no less idiotic on the local level than the stooge in charge on the national one.

      • rlcrabb says:

        Nevada City isn’t alone. When I look at what’s going on in Seattle, it looks nothing like the town I remember from living there. Same with Atlanta. The comments on Facebook confirm that the crazies are pretty much everywhere. I would venture to guess that your neighbors thought Oregon was a nice place before the god damn Californians moved in.

        • Chris Peterson says:

          Maybe in the past, but not so much, anymore; we outnumber them.
          Besides, my mom’s family, who lived in North Carolina in the late 1600’s, didn’t migrate to California; they settled in Prairie City, Oregon in the 1840’s, where my great grandparents are buried. Our family’s all over this place. And of the 6 nearest neighbors to our little farm, only two were born in Oregon.

          It ain’t the Senum’s and Trumps of the world that bother me, they’ve always been around; it’s the idiots that elect them to office that get my ‘goat’.

  4. rlcrabb says:

    Reinette is now calling in outside help in her quest to save Nevada City, and humanity in general. I’m not sure Nevada City voted for this, but in these strange times, who knows? QAnon meets Don Quixode…

  5. There’s a movie on TCM tonight that should interest Senum: “Earth vs. the Flying Saucers.”

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