It’s A Job

There will still be work in security even if the bars close. And no, your phony exemption card won’t fly in this establishment.

Ripped from today’s police blotter…

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Over half a million deaths from Covid 19 worldwide, yet the most densely populated spot on Earth, Hong Kong, with 7.5 million people crammed in a small city and no lock down, has had only 7 deaths from the disease. How’s that possible? Because NO ONE goes ANYWHERE without a MASK.
    This virus is like an intelligence test and so far, America is failing miserably, much to the shock of a world who thought the opposite of us, only a few years ago.

  2. steve cottrell says:

    I am struck by the number of former city councilmembers who are calling for Reinette to resign. And short of a voluntary resignation, there seems to be some interest in recalling her this summer. But that has a snag:

    My memory of the California recall process is that having just been reelected for another four years, no recall effort could be initiated for at least 90 days after she takes the oath of office next week. Then would come circulation of a recall petition and a few more months before the issue could be decided by the voters. Not sure how many registered voters Nevada City has these days, but if it’s 2,000+/-, it would take about 500 valid signatures (25%) to qualify as a ballot measure for next spring.

    Recalls take time –– especially when someone is about to begin a four-year term and has a built-in 90-day grace period –– but sometimes they work. Just ask Gray Davis.

    After going through the emails and letters in last night’s city council packet, it seems to me that Reinette has lost a heck of a lot of her base supporters. Some of the names surprised me, so getting 500 or more signatures on a recall petition does not seem much of a challenge for those who would be inclined to mount such an effort. But I think they’ll have to wait until October 8 to do that.

    Could be an interesting time at City Hall –– glad Doug and Daniela will be at the table. They seem like the sort of calm, stabilizing element the council needs right now.

  3. rlcrabb says:

    Time is Reinette’s best hope. Maybe tempers will cool, or maybe there will be more pressing concerns.
    Locusts? Asteroids? Maybe Reinette will lead an army of goats to victory against a Covid zombie invasion and be crowned Empress of the Seven Hills.
    The phrase “stranger things have happened” is obsolete in 2020.

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