Grin & Bear It

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  1. I like the imagery, although I doubt NID does.

    The cartoon reminds me of the north-south water wars in the ’60s, when the San Francisco Chronicle portrayed SoCal water interests as an octopus trying to grab all of the water in the north.

    • Richard Marks says:

      RL, Looking for some good work. Let talk on helping us Save the Bear River with some followup cartoons in 2018. We got 3 NID directorships up for Crabb…Thats a joke…..Not kidding.

      I have a faint memory that I met you at the Chicago Park Store 10 years ago…Just a faint one.
      By the way the drawing of Grin and Bear It was great. Its on my cover of my “Friends of the Bear River” Binder. Richard

  2. Carmen Mateo says:

    would it be ok to create a banner with this image for future Save the Bear actions?

  3. Steve Frisch says:

    Gotta love the original “Octopus” cartoon though George!

  4. Jack Sanchez says:

    Keep up the attack on Centennial Dam, the most destructive environmental attack in my lifetime on Placer and Nevada County.

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