Pay Paradise, Put Up A Parking Lot

After the State parks department “found” 54 million dollars last summer, I posted this cartoon reminding them that they were trying to make up their imaginary shortfall with new fees. Today we find that our beloved government overpaid around 200 employees by $500,000 from July 2009 to july 2012, according to Controller John Chiang, who accused the dept. of “fraud, abuse and overpayments.”

Now if this was a private enterprise, you could count on some hefty fines and a criminal record. As it is the government, a few people might get fired and life will go on as usual, until the next scandal.

Oh, and I’m still waiting for them to rescind those “emergency” parking fees. I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. R.L., you apparently don’t follow the criminal activities of America’s major corporation. No corporate employee would get a criminal record for a two-bit offense like this. However, the stockholders would take a hit for the fines and penalties the company would have to pay.

    Corporate executives have an amazing ability to avoid criminal charges. Take, for example, the Upper Big Branch mine explosion in 2010 that killed 29 West Virginia miners.

    Prior to the explosion, the mine’s owner, Massey Energy, was cited for numerous safety violations. The post-explosion investigation showed management put maximum production of coal ahead of worker safety, and even had a system in place to warn workers that federal inspectors had showed up for a surprise inspection.

    Two mid-level employees have actually been charged with criminal offenses. How about top management, the guys who actually set the policy? Don’t be silly.

    The company has been sold, and the former execs walked with plenty of money. You can also bet they have an agreement with the new owners to pay for their defense in the unlikely event they’re ever charged with a crime.

    • rl crabb says:

      You’re correct, George. I was thinking of a smaller enterprise, the kind that are easily pushed around and stomped into extinction. Drake’s Bay Oyster Co. comes to mind.

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