Stupid On Steroids

This viral Facebook photo of the “Freedom Angels/Open Nevada County” rally on Mill St. in Grass Valley speaks volumes about the attitude of the resurgent right wing in Nevada County. It’s an advertisement to every dumb fuck demon sperm alien lizard DNA neanderthal that we don’t give a flying fuck about your “fake” virus.

You must be so proud, George Rebane. Your people have come home.

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6 Responses to Stupid On Steroids

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    People used to be ashamed of their ignorance. Now, it’s like a secret conservative handshake and the biggest giveaways are words that are spelled different ways to mean different things. Like your and you’re; spellcheck won’t pick up on their erroneous usage because the word is spelled correctly, it’s just used incorrectly.
    It reminds me of an old scifi movie where the aliens have a ‘tell’ which, besides pissing off dogs and/or cats, is a way to recognize them.
    This brings us back to “alien DNA demon sperm”. Stella Immanuel has it half right; they ARE among us. Unfortunately for them, like the spelling errors, it’s how we can recognize the spawn of the alien demons, and like bigots, they’re all conservatives.

  2. George Rebane says:

    Not at all Bob, “my people” don’t have a chance and there is no “resurgence” of the Right in Nevada County. Sacramento and SF values rule; just keep an eye on the ‘urgency ordinance’ that the BoS will pass next week. If letting informed people manage their own coronavirus risks will reflate the pandemic, then why would conservatives, who want to defeat Bumblebrain Biden, purposely give the Left more ammo to blame Trump for mishandling the virus and the economy? Wouldn’t your letting the “dumb fucks” run rampant be the best for Biden’s chances? Or maybe you guys really don’t believe your own copy.

    • RL Crabb says:

      So much of this could have been avoided if people just wore the mask and were careful in public places. I don’t believe for one minute it would eliminate Covid19, but it might have made it possible to keep more businesses open.
      Between the stubborn right wingers who feel that any concession to a Democrat is treason and the young people who believe they are immortal and don’t need to isolate for the good of their elders, we will go into the fall looking at a fucking depression by the end of the year.
      If we aren’t shooting each other by then.

  3. Steven Frisch says:

    More “plausible deniability” from George…’

    ….hey, they are not my people… …I am just asking the question… I’m just demonstrating that testing and contact tracing don’t work…I just watched and liked and praised “Plandemic”… I am against rioters in Portland but for armed militia taking over federal lands…I am not a separatist, but I just want people to be able to live in their own self defined cultural enclaves of lie people and be left alone without being bothered by things like fair housing laws or fair employment laws…but I not a racist.’

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