Joe Covid

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  1. fish says:

    Say what you will……that’s a pretty good “Joe Camel”!

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    As destructive as they are, those ignorant individuals who refuse to wear masks or keep a safe distance aren’t responsible for anywhere near as many deaths as this administration, by their bungling attempts, and non-attempts, at fighting this pandemic. As a Vanity Fair article exposes, Trump and his idiotic son-in-law, Jerod “The Camel” Kushner, have made the United States not only the laughing stock of the entire world, but the most dangerous place to live.
    And the very real prospect that they may have cancelled their plans at coordinating an overall federal response for reasons of political expedience is just flat-out despicable. Trump was supposedly against testing from the get-go because it made him look bad, hurting his chances for reelection, and Kushner may have even suggested to cancel the plan because the virus was hitting Democratic controlled areas the hardest, which was viewed as a political bonus.
    If ANY of that is true, Trump, Kushner, and anyone else involved in such decisions, should be held responsible for the tens of thousands of needless deaths resulting from their actions, or lack of, and at the least given the chance to dwell upon such a heinous act from the inside of a prison cell for a decade or three.

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