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6 Responses to Vote!

  1. Terry Pittsford says:

    A noble sentiment there, R.L., but sentiment doesn’t put people in political office, especially qualified people. I think we should all know by now that people don’t elect people, money elects people, that and the mostly silent influence of those with agendas of dubious intent. This is true in local politics, but becomes even more corrupt when we get to the regional and then federal levels where BIG money and even more nefarious agendas become the order of the day and of our century. We are urged to vote and yet it seems our vote means little or nothing because the outcome, especially in the case of high office, has been predetermined by the 1% (for lack of a better example) who is actually running this country. With apologies to our founding fathers, the electoral college was a bad idea, as was determining that Supreme Court judges were appointed for life. (But that’s another discussion for another time.) Any mechanic will tell you that the more parts there are on a machine, the more the likelihood is that it will fail. The members of our electoral college are just as susceptible to under-the-table cash and other incentives as any congressperson is to perks from lobbyists. Our system is corrupt and begs for restructuring. However, finding the right persons to oversee that task is an even bigger challenge. Maybe we should just throw our hands up in resignation, microwave a big bowl of popcorn and tune into the continuing adventures of, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”

    • Chris Peterson says:

      “I think that when Americans go to vote, states should not list what party the candidates are affiliated with. That would require voters to actually think and get to know a candidate instead of voting for their favorite gang. ‘Oh, this guy is a Republican, so he must be good.” – Jesse Ventura

  2. Don Baumgart says:

    Sitting here on Wednesday morning I see that only 28 percent of the nearly 18,000 Nevada County registered voters cast ballots Tuesday. In other countries great numbers of people are running through gunfire to vote for the first time ever. Maybe we’ve had the vote too long to still appreciate it.

    • Michael Anderson says:

      Actually, I think the real reason people don’t vote is because they believe “the fix is in.” Party politics. Machine politics. Check it out, ~300K voters cast their lot with Leland Yee, a guy who should be pushed out a helicopter at 10K ft. “He had a (D) next to him name and the last time I read anything of substance was in 1999.”

      We have a corrupt political process. America is run by an entrenched criminal class. Why do you think the trough snufflers in D.C. and Sac are so afraid of domestic terrorism? It ain’t because they want to protect their constituents from harm.

      • Terry Pittsford says:

        I think this is especially true when I and my neighbors aren’t allowed to go to the polls to vote because, according to Mr. Diaz, there aren’t enough people in my district to warrant setting up a polling place. Until a few years ago I cast my vote at the Vet’s hall and never found it overcrowded or an inconvenience. I also wonder why my name and address must be included on my mail-in ballot which, in theory at least, is supposed to be anonymous. Don’t get me started on electronic voting devices. The entire process is corrupt and needs to be changed…that is if my vote (and yours) counts for anything in the first place.

      • Michael Anderson says:

        BTW, I do agree with Steve F. that whether it’s an (R) or a (D), there are a lot of voters in California who are “low information” monkeys (thank you, Thrush Lindbergh Baby) who vote in between their date with chips and salsa (or other delicious treats).

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