When Politicians Go Sideways

Eventually, both extremes will bend reality so far that they will meet in the twilight zone. I call it the “moronic convergence”.

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4 Responses to When Politicians Go Sideways

  1. rl crabb says:

    Here are a few of the barbs being hurled my way from the minions on Reinette’s Facebook page: “Lazy and Cheap” – Thomas Wolfe “Misogyny” – Lorraine Webb “A coup” – Jeanene Lenz “Beneath you, man” -Thomas Wolfe “Nasty and disrespectful” -Marin Lipowitz “Fuck The Union” – Lino Garcia “Creepy crawlies” -Scott Ladd “Out of touch” -Pauli Halstead
    I would like to point out to the haters that “The World Is Askew” is still available for your next book burning party.

  2. Michael Anderson says:

    These folks really need to attend a Kindness 101 class. In a better world they would seek help and stop making life so difficult for the rest of us. Here’s an article that helps to understand the dopamine malady from which they suffer: https://www.inverse.com/article/52390-your-brain-on-conspiracy-theories

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