A Campaign In The Ass

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3 Responses to A Campaign In The Ass

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Where, prey tell, can we get a Nun of the Above t-shirts and bumper stickers? Gotta’ habit.
    And have you thought of the repercussions of a third party candidate that will split the votes of BOTH parties?
    Now do three priMary’s and pray for emasculate rejection.

    • RL CRABB says:

      There may be some goodies in the future. As for the repercussions, I see 2020 as a Hail Mary for democracy.

      • Chris Peterson says:

        You should have a blog “store” where people can find all those leftover t-shirts and comics from past adventures all in one place. Last time I bought any of your stuff was several years ago in the bike shop up at Downieville when I was there for a dirt bike gathering hosted by the company my wife works for, among others.
        If you had an online store, it could make up for the fact that you can only do 35 comics a year in the Union.

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