Which Century517

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4 Responses to Historiectomy

  1. Ben Emery says:

    We’ve been stuck on the 1980’s and trickle down for 3 decades.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      And rather ingenious, I’d say. Not only have the wealthy brought about the transfer of trillions from the middle to the top in that time, they have average citizens arguing over how to cut even more from the commons to pay for it all.
      The founding fathers made but a brief change for a small period in time. We still have those who are loyal to the king, and those who are not. Socrates put democracy near the bottom of his list of ideal governments for a reason: it is one of the easiest to corrupt.

  2. george rebane says:

    Are we not already back in the sixties – student demonstrations, unpopular war, race riots, spectacular technical advances, and another tranche of government diktats fundamentally transforming the nation? Rejoice!

  3. rl crabb says:

    It could be a year like 1860 when a major political party went belly up because they couldn’t figure out what they stood for.

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