Brother, Can You Spare A Billion?

Campaign Twenty Twenty023

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4 Responses to Brother, Can You Spare A Billion?

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Still waiting for the SCOTUS decision that will allow corporations to run for office. After all; they are people, and we could simply skip the middle man and be allowed to openly and honestly vote for the those who actually write the legislation.

    Then again; if Obama’s TPP passes Congress, (silly boy- did you say IF?), they can override any legislation of any country, anyhow. That will probably cause a drop in corporate electoral contributions, since it will make democracy a meaningless exercise in futility.

    • Steven Frisch says:

      Hey, if we legalize same sex marriage and corporations are people could same sex corporations marry and adopt kids? I want Goldman Sachs to marry Koch Industries and adopt Diebold and then we could finally get all this damn democracy nonsense over with once and for all.

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