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Bat GuanoPeople often ask me, “Bob, how do you maintain that bat shit crazy attitude?” Well, folks, it’s because I always start off my day with a heaping bowl of organic BAT GUANO, freshly harvested from the bowels of the Skeptic Tank Mine. I like mine with goat milk and chopped banana.

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4 Responses to Product Endorsement

  1. Gov says:

    Bat Guano is one of the delicacies that have trickled down to us from the turd world.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    In the book, 101 Uses for Shit You Find Just Laying Around, page 62 has an excellent recipe for a blended guano-sauerkraut colonic cleanser. (And the dessert section is to die for.)

  3. Brad C. says:

    haha, nice one!

  4. Can I get it at Grocery Outlet, or will it cost me an arm and a leg at Briar Patch?

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