GOP Healthcare Plan Revealed

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7 Responses to GOP Healthcare Plan Revealed

  1. BradC says:

    Who needs death panels?

  2. fish says:


    Richard Widmark was young once……who knew?

  3. From the viewpoint of an orthodox Republican, Ryancare is the perfect proposal because it rewards the rich by cutting their taxes and punishes the poor for being…well, poor. Best of all, it will be the states–not the feds–that will have to decide who gets the shrinking pool of Medicaid money: The elderly who need nursing home care or those bums who should be working instead of collecting welfare and food stamps.

    • rl crabb says:

      It will be like it was before the ACA. Most people will not be covered and will use the emergency room as their “provider.” If the hard core conservatives get their way you’ll be lucky to even have that luxury.

  4. Chris Peterson says:

    Well, thank goodness they put in a tax break for any insurance company CEO’s making over $500K a year. I was really worried about those boys; sacrificing for all of us they way they do. ‘Bout time!

    God bless America, and the wealthy people who make it all possible.

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