Inept vs. Insane: Reading The Entrails

A Inept v Insane300Tuesday’s election has been seen as the opening salvo in the upcoming 2014  slugfest. There were no huge surprises, but political witchdoctors on both sides are already sifting through the cadavers to see where the future lies.

Vilified In Virginia: As expected, Democrat Terry McAuliffe sailed to victory in the Governor’s race, although he only managed to beat Tea Party darling Ken Cuccinelli by a few percentage points instead of the blowout the Dems were predicting only days ago. The race was complicated by the candidacy of Libertarian Robert Sarvis, who managed to garner 6+% of the vote. Sarvis was obviously a ringer for the Donkey Party, championing taxes and other libertarian no-nos, and received wads of cash from liberal PACs. (Payback for Ralph Nader in 2000.) Still, there were enough Republicans who couldn’t stomach Cuccinelli’s hard right social agenda, or the fact that his nomination was engineered through a rigged convention rather than a primary. Conclusion: Cuccinelli’s narrow defeat will not discourage the Tea Party from choosing candidates from the outer limits. We control the horizontal. We control the vertigo.

The Jersey Devil Wears Prada : Governor Chris Christie sailed to victory as expected, tallying 60% of the vote in the heavily Democratic stronghold. Dem candidate Babs Buono lashed out at her own party for giving her nothing but a pair of cement pumps and booting her off the pier in Atlantic City. Barack Obama was nowhere to be found in the Garden State, except for the damning photo of him embracing Christie after Hurricane Sandy.

Colorado C-Section: Eleven counties in the hinterlands of the mountain state went to the polls to consider amputating themselves from Denver, and came up aborted. Moffat County, already separated from the rest of the rebel counties, declined to switch states and become “Baja Wyoming”. (You can’t make this stuff up!) Voters in the rest of the state voted to tax their newly-legalized Cannabis. (15% excise tax, 10% sales tax.) Funds will be used to construct the new Hunter S. Thompson Elementary School.

On The Campaign Entrail: Politicians and Pundits are already gobbling the guts of the election like ravenous zombies. There are many factors that have yet to play out. President Obama has seen his approval ratings sink to new lows with the sputtering Obamacare computer meltdown. His biggest problem is the video loop that now plays endlessly on cable TV. If you like your insurance, you can keep it, period. If you like your doctors, you can keep them, period.  I’ll bet he feels like he’s having a period right now. Up to fifteen million voters have been told they should be thankful that their new insurance is more expensive. If they are still stewing over their surgically lightened wallets a year from now, many may hold their noses and drink the bitter tea. Stay tuned…


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  1. Petek says:

    I don’t know who got more grief from the video, Obama or Christie.(they both got a rath of shit from their parties) But I do know that Christie just got 30% of the Democratic vote in New Jersey. Seems people just don’t like it when the two sides actually work together to get something done.

  2. San French says:

    Don’t forget DeBlasio’s big win in NYC. Water boarding Bloomberg in the streets of the Bronx with quarts of soda. You gotta love NYC. Fun times ahead watching that circus set up their tents.

  3. Then there’s Washington State, where two dead men–one died in June, the other in August–were elected to office.

    On a lighter note, the Democrats are going to get hammered next November if ObamaCare continues on its current trajectory.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Forget the ACA; dems are gonna’ get hammered because they’ve agreed to cut SS and Medicare, which will be topic #1 next year. Anytime the two parties talk of a “grand bargain”, it’s the little people, (99%), who get the shaft. 80% of us are against that; the other 19% will do what they’re told.

    • Greg Goodknight says:

      It’s hard to see any trajectory that is positive for Democrats. They barely won in Virginia where the candidate was all but abandoned by the national party. Obamacare is the brunt of jokes (et tu, Jay?) and now the President has double downed on global warming (as the failures of IPCC predictions continue unabated) with a Presidential order and his FDA is banning Crisco.

      Now, that doesn’t mean the GOP can’t shoot themselves in the foot, but there are a lot of folks who have finally figured out they’d been lied to and may really want change they can believe in next November.

      • Chris Peterson says:

        Seriously Greg? Crisco is our friend?

        Even the GMO laden food industry has voluntarily tried to free itself from these unnaturally occurring trans fats that don’t break down in the body, but rather congeal in your arteries, causing heart attacks in the tens of thousands.

        Even the worst of Presidents makes some good decisions.

        • Greg Goodknight says:

          When Crisco is outlawed, only outlaws will have Crisco.

          Seriously, Chris? Can’t say I’m surprised you think this latest nanny state move meets with your approval. I made a switch to olive oil twenty years ago but even before then, I think I’ve purchased Crisco shortening maybe once in my life, and never the product it displaced… lard. Yum. But I do have some recipes I inherited from Mom that call for shortening, so I guess I’ll have to buy some to store.

          “unnaturally occurring trans fats that don’t break down in the body, but rather congeal in your arteries, causing heart attacks”… you might try reading up on what the physiology really is before continuing to cheer the Feds making them illegal. While hydrogenated vegetable oils are not found naturally, there’s plenty of evidence their effects in the body aren’t different than naturally occurring high trans fats products like lard, schmaltz, palm and coconut oils… raise LDL and lower HDL levels.

          • Chris Peterson says:

            I have read up on the physiology is, and though there are a few naturally occurring forms of hydrogenated oils, even THEY don’t react the same in the body as the ones being phased out, (not actually banned yet). There simply is no benefit to using the junk.

            Good ol’ lard beats Crisco any day, and your quasi-libertarian view is a bit over the top. Feds also tell us, in our “nanny state”, that shooting each other is illegal. Where do YOU draw the line between liberty and death?

          • Greg Goodknight says:

            I didn’t think I’d ever see someone draw a moral equivalence between baking Crisco-laced cookies and popping a cap in someone’s ass.


            I’d ignore the specified peanut butter brand and use one that just contains peanuts and salt.

          • Chris Peterson says:

            So, death by molecular compound is OK, but lead at terminal velocity; not so much?

          • Greg Goodknight says:

            Chris, it’s a question of killing someone else vs a dietary choice that, in isolation, is a conscious choice to increase one’s chance of cardiovascular disease by 0.000000000001%, my wild assed estimate of the risk of eating that tasty looking peanut butter cookie.

            By the way, it’s the holidays, so those big tins of *cheap* Danish Butter Cookies are stacking up in the stores. A Danish software engineer in whose company I have had the pleasure of drinking too much akvavit (water of life in Danish, just as ‘whiskey’ is water of life in Celtic) clued me in to those cookies being an export industry in Denmark because of their overproduction of butter that they can’t just dump into other countries.

            Now, can you guess what country is a leader in banning those horrible hydrogenated vegetable oils?

            It isn’t “quasi-libertarian” to insist the nannies keep to themselves. Drop the “quasi”. Just by labeling, the consumption of the dastardly foodstuffs has decreased by a quarter in this country in the last few years. Why not be satisfied with people making informed choices themselves, or would you rather the Danes sell more butter cookies?

          • Greg Goodknight says:

            Error of simple math… the consumption of trans fats *is* about ONE quarter of previous years, not decreased by one quarter, from labeling requirements and individual choice.

  4. Chris Peterson says:

    I would submit that Washington State is onto something. Dead politicians do much less damage.

  5. Robert Lovejoy says:

    Excellent informative link there RL. Seems like only yesterday our newly elected President was giving his Cairo speech while the British and Israeli Ambassadors were sitting on their thumbs waiting to meet with the new President of these United States.

    First thing our new President did was demand the Muslim Brotherhood attend the Cairo speech, this being after they were barred from the Cairo Address by no other than Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Obama showed him the middle finger and praised the Muslim Brotherhood as moderates. So much for gaining the respect of America back after the Bush years.

    Oh Syria, what a mess. We are aiding the rebels with a few hundred million in cash and weapons as they fight side by side with Al Qaeda and every crackpot “Death to America” shouting radical.

    Seems like only yesterday the Arab Spring was full of promise as our President spoke kindly of the people who wanted freedom and democracy, yet the fact is country after country ended up replacing one dictator with another dictator who is harsher and more repressive than the previous ones which our President called upon to step down.

    Seems like only yesterday when the young Democrat candidate took a break from the campaign trail and spoke to a crowd of 200,000 adoring fans in Berlin. This being before he was elected President or won The Nobel Peace Prize. Now, the latest world wide poll shows Obama is the 2nd most popular man on the planet, second only to the world’s new fav, Putin. Putin has outsmarted and outfoxed Obama at every turn and has picked up more new friends and allies while we have lost our friends and allies. Now they are giving us the big middle finger. Amateur Night at the White House.

  6. Chris Peterson says:

    Actually, it’s kind of refreshing to see the Sec. of State out there calling Netanyahoo on his long-standing BS.

    And the only ones giving us the finger are those who want the US taxpayers to pay for their personal battles, (other than the terrorists who continue to give EVERY country, including their own, a C4 slathered finger). At least he ain’t out there LOOKING for a fight, and fleecing us to pay for it, like the last guy.

  7. rl crabb says:

    Can the Tea Party learn from their defeats in the last four years? Here’s another opinion piece that echoes my own doubts…

    • Chris Peterson says:

      The tea party’s strength is in it’s people at the local level, diminished somewhat at the state level, and flat out a tool of the wealthy at the federal level. There really is no national tea party; it’s all smoke and mirrors, especially in Congress, where conservative converts find cover from primary challenges that spring up if they should happen to vote the wrong way on legislation. It’s a radical form of the stick and carrot; vote for ALEC infused legislation and receive copious amounts of campaign funds, or face a previously unknown tea party puppet who is instantly showered with enough money to kill your reelection bid.

      Most state legislative positions have become so ridiculously gerrymandered that, like a Supreme Court Justice, only the criminally insane can be replaced, and only then by another conservative.

      Ah well.

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