Kick Me

Kick Me One855Kick Me Two856Kick Me Three857Kick Me Four858Kick Me Five859

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5 Responses to Kick Me

  1. Chris Gulick says:

    That’s very funny. And, it’s still timely after 28 years!

  2. Ben Emery says:


    I don’t think most people truly understand the importance of a free press or the history of the town jester to notify the establishment what was a brewing among the commoners.

    • Fran Blucher says:

      And why do you think that?

    • Chris Peterson says:

      That being said, there are very few forms of an open and free press anymore, other than they are open and free to put whatever slant the media outlets deem fitting, at least in politics. Any truth spoken is subject to an equally-weighted rebuttal, no matter how untrue, and in fact, the untruth usually is spoken first. “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” ― Mark Twain

      In such an atmosphere, as in Twain’s day, the “town jester” becomes the voice of reason.

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