The Neighbor

My Republican friends don’t understand why I am not on board with a guy who, if he was my next door neighbor, I wouldn’t give the time of day.

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    • fish says:

      As an open fan of President Pen and Phone this is only now upsetting you (the author of the linked article)?

    • Michael Anderson says:

      Fish! So nice to see you down here at Crabb Hollow, though being a fish I hope you’re super careful swimming in Wolf Creek, you might find yourself inadvertently heading down the drain at the Liberty Motors sinkhole. I’m worried about ya li’l buddy, like George Stickel in “The Incredible Mr. Limpet.”

      Your new president is certainly the talk of the town, Fish. Can’t wait for the end game…are you ready? In the meantime, watch out for Tooodle’s dangling worm!

  1. fish says:

    Oooh…..Mr. Limpet…..that takes me back! So far back that other than remembering Limpet pinging the crap out of the U-Boat I don’t have any recollection of the movie at all.

    To take a page out of the “Big Lefty Book of Political Phrases” not to mention the Paul Emery method of claiming a Profile in Courage award for voting for Gary Johnson….”Not my president”…Michael. But even though he’s not the guy I would have chosen given my druthers you do have to appreciate Trumps unmasking of the just below the surface mental illness of a significant percentage of the political left. So there’s that.

    The last guy I had any interest in was Ron Paul. Unfortunately the RomneyBot 5000 dispatched him fairly efficiently. Oh well….what’re you going to do?

    End Game? Lets hear your version first!

    • Michael Anderson says:

      Now, as far as your prediction that “there will be tears…”

      I totally agree with you! So many tears. They will be big league tears, the best tears, America First tears. My prediction is that Don is not going to last very long as POTUS, as I’ve written before. William Henry Harrison holds the current record for shortest presidential term, so for Don to beat Bill-Hank he would need to bow out by February 21st which is probably not going to happen.

      My progressive colleagues fret that “Pence will be worse,” an opinion of which I totally disagree. Pence is a normal person, doesn’t suffer from malignant narcissism, doesn’t have small hands and a mop of orange hair compliments of Big Pharma, so he’ll be just fine. After Don’s ass-plosion, Pence will want to just sit quietly and not create another constitutional crisis.

      The other thing about Pence is that if he goes too far afield, his obvious tamping down of true inner feelings will come out, so keeping that bottled up will be Job #1 in a Pence presidency.

      • fish says:

        Oh I suspect your Progressive friends are correct after a fashion.

        Ten days ago I would have put the idea of an “ass-plosion” at 10% or so. I think the odds have been climbing steadily since. Should we have an American “Ides of March” I think you could see a Pence presidency that rivals the FDR administration in length.

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