Dealing with the media

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  1. Todd juvinall says:

    As a conservative I got to see first hand the way the press works. When in a head to head campaign with a person of the leftwing the press reporters always quote and analyze (favorably) the liberal on the front page and above the fold. The conservative is below the fold on the front page if they are lucky but usually only on the back page and the last paragraphs. Same with any issue such as the environment and “rights”. The quotes were also handpicked to enhance the lovability of the liberal and the reporters negative view of the conservative. Even when we submitted a press release, the bias was evident. If they printed anything they would do a parsing and a dot dot dot as you have pointed out. So I learned a long time ago there was no fairness in the press. I love the blogs and the alternative medias now because the filter of the liberal is not the main source for information. I respect your ability to draw a cartoon and get a message across on the issues. Even if it means I am a devil of a conservative. hat a hoot!

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