The other side of the story

I was planning on writing a counterpoint to the Let’s-hang-Rush-Limbaugh movement this morning, but while cruising the news I ran across this fine article in The Daily Beast. Kirsten Powers is a Democrat and a regular contributor to (horrors!) Fox news, and she says it a hundred times better than I ever could. I hope every liberal reads it and considers the message.

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  1. rl Crabb says:

    Damn! I’m still having trouble posting links. You’ll have to google it yourself, but please do…

  2. Todd juvinall says:

    It was removed for heresy. LOL!

  3. Don Pelton says:


    Thanks for the pointer to the excellent consciousness-raising article. It gave me an opportunity to examine my own tolerance for that misogynist crap coming from the left. She’s quite right. The phenomenon is nonpartisan and male.

    The only thing she failed to mention — as a desirable corrective — is that, according to her logic, there should also be a massive, outraged campaign to scare off Limbaugh’s advertisers coming from the right, something I’m not seeing. The right as well as the left.

    Curious about my own statement here, I just did a Google search for “Limbaugh advertisers,” and could only find the usual suspects from the left (Huffington Post, Media Matters, Think Progress, Daily Kos, Talk Left, DSCC, Credo Action, Democratic Undergound … etc.)

    Then I got curious about how Kirsten Powers’ assertion would hold up using this same Google yardstick, that there has been almost no outrage from the left for uber-misogynists like Chris Matthews. So I did a search for “Chris Matthews misogny” and once again found — along with some right-wing criticism — a fair amount from the left (Media Matters, Alternet, Democratic Underground, Crooks and Liars, NOW, Raw Story … ).

    So, is she correct at all about the left being quiet?

    And, I have to ask, is the outrage asymmetrical between right and left, and — if so — in what direction?

    • rlcrabb says:

      Without a poll (and who trusts polls?) I couldn’t tell you who’s the worst offender in the slur department, but it’s clear that both sides are guilty of letting it go by with a wink and a nod, or just ignoring it in some cases. I have a hard time watching Hannity or Schultz, and I don’t get HBO so I don’t see Mahar that much. I’m no politically correct prude, it’s just that both sides need to purge the urge to slime each other or accept that it will keep happening. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Don’t slip and fall in the goose poop.

    • rl Crabb says:

      Thanks, Barry. Haven’t seen any other opinions over at Sierra Foothills Report. They’re too busy slobbering over Limbaugh’s stupidity to look at their own.

      • Don Pelton says:


        Can you cite some examples of misogynistic “stupidity” over at the Sierra Foothills Report? I don’t recall ever seeing anything like that there.

        • rl Crabb says:

          It’s the habitual lack of balance that shucks my cob, Don, and the hypocrisy of condemning Limbaugh while lauding the ranting of Bill Mahar, Olbermann, Schultz and the others mentioned in Powers’ article. If you’re going to boycott one, then why not go all the way?

    • Greg Goodknight says:

      Barry, Maher has recently clarified the difference… it’s OK for him to use labels like “dumb twat” and “cunt” for a female Republican politician because he’s on HBO and doesn’t have sponsors.

      I hope that clears up the issue for you.

  4. rl Crabb says:

    If you turn your internet dial to the right, you can see the dogpile-on-the-woman over at Russ Steele’s “Is it 1670 yet?” If you ask me, both sides need to check into Kool-aid Anonymous.

  5. Greg Goodknight says:

    There’s nothing over at Steele’s that resembles a dogpile on Ms.Fluke, who is a pol with an activist past prior to entering law school at age 28 or so.

    I just finished watching that political slut David Gregory, the host of the formerly great NBC Meet the Press, and leading question of Newt Gingrich in this pre-Super Tuesday election day… trying to get the Newtster to decry and denounce Limbaugh, the cause du jour. Gregory echoed all the Dem talking points, including the false charge that Republicans are wishing to limit access to contraception.

    I want to complain about Congress limiting my access to fine, 16 year old single malt Scotch, aƱejo tequila and top shelf English gin, used in medicinal quantities, of course.

  6. Todd juvinall says:

    Greg. you certainly slay the opposition with your words. Excellent. I too cannot find any dogee do-do on Russ’s site. Funny how the world is going to hell in a hand-basket and gas is four bucks and Gregory is obsessed with the Flukes sex life.

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