Don’t Drink & Drive Today!

It’s been twenty years since I quit drinking, except every Friday with the Shifters, a group of individuals who meet weekly in Nevada City to discuss politics, sports and general gossip. We rotate bars to spread the local wealth, and to avoid being kicked out of any one establishment for being the cranky old coots that we are. (Only been booted from one so far.)

On that one day, I indulge in my favorite beverage; Bailey’s Irish Cream and coffee. I have one a week, and that satisfies my needs. Being that I missed this week’s conspiratorial due to flooding in my garage, I’ll have my Bailey’s and coffee today with some fine corned beef and cabbage to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. Hope you have a good one, and don’t end up kissin’ the porcelain blarney stone or ending up in the hoosegow. Enjoy!

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