Are you a Decliner?

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14 Responses to Are you a Decliner?

  1. Tony Waters says:

    Didn’t the Monkees sing about this? Something about “I’m a Decliner?”

  2. Todd juvinall says:

    I am in my decliner right now watching March Madness.

  3. Michael Anderson says:

    Lovin’ the comedy, Todd.

  4. Todd juvinall says:

    Someone’s in the kitchen with decliner. Fee Fi fiddly I O.

  5. Judith Lowry says:

    Here’s one for the Millenium Generation, who will spend their lives paying off our Baby Boomer and Gen X debts: “Hey, hey, we’re the Flunkies!”

  6. Judith Lowry says:

    Oh Bob, it’s not just a nightmare.
    A lot of young folks think Boomers are stupid, greedy, over-rewarded and that there are too many of us still alive.
    Where did we go wrong?

  7. Judith Lowry says:

    Wow, right out of the headlines!

  8. Michael Anderson says:

    That’s where GenX and GenY have it so wrong. They blame the Boomers for being born. But it was the Greatest Generation after WWII that was doing all the shagging. We’re the results of the experiment, not the instigators.

    • Ryan Mount says:

      And GenXers, whom I can speak for, are the results of of the Boomers:

      – Cynical
      – We hate our parents. (Hate maybe too strong, but we certainly have respect problems after they abandoned their families to find themselves during their divorces and mid-life crises.)
      – Avoid groups and organizations (Unions, corporations, political parties, Oprah book clubs)
      – We lack loyalty, because it gets you killed and it doesn’t make you money and/or it takes effort. Zoloft is easier.
      – And those of us who made it out our late 80s/early 90s shared homes with our stoner friends(some are still there with beer-filled red Solo cups) have become brutal manaers.
      – We blame the Boomers for our fiscal woes. Free cheese. And contraception now, I guess.

      • rl Crabb says:

        Yeah, Ryan, we boomers had issues with our parents too. Like now, we saw the world turned upside down and sideways. The so-called Greatest Generation had their faults, many of them are being exposed in “Mad Men”. That series brings back memories. Perhaps I’ll explore that theme in a future post.

        • Ryan Mount says:


          My list of GenX characteristics was by no means exhaustive. And they’re certainly not (all) virtuous.

          However I want to point out to Boomers that we’re now managing their retirement funds and pensions and probably were the mathematical whizzes that came up with these financial instruments that pumped-up the speculative real estate bubble.

          You’re welcome. We learned from the best.

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