It’s the Water!

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4 Responses to It’s the Water!

  1. … and now it turns out that The Union’s online readership is going up and over its paywall (see Russ Steele’s NC2012 report). Something definitely is getting into our water, or are we all nervous about the new marijuana ordnance that’s on the county’s drawing board? Let’s take another look ‘Idiot Conspiracy Theory No. 3905-A’, perhaps it was abandoned prematurely.

    • rlcrabb says:

      It’s possible that I’ve been duped by the United Nations Irrigation District. They want us to stop using water so they can sell it to the Chinese.

  2. Judith Lowry says:

    A few of drops of tincture in the NID water would improve everyone’s disposition.

  3. Don Baumgart says:

    It’s been said that every scrap of U.S. money now has cocaine residue. Abject poverty and beer seem to be the answers. Works for me.

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