Springing Forward (Updated 12:58PM)

It’s time to spring forward again, a little earlier than usual, but then spring seems to have arrived earlier than usual in this goofy year. Who knows, maybe winter will start in June and we’ll have to chain up to get to the polls on primary day. At least most of the various races have become a little clearer since the deadline for filing has passed.

One minor surprise was that the contest for 1st district supervisor has now become a four-way race. Nate Beason is off and running for a third term, with Sue McGuire in hot pursuit. Al Bulf is running on a train platform, promising to ressurrect the long gone rail line to Colfax. The wild card is the unexpected entry of Louis Meyer of Chicago Park. I don’t know anything about Meyer, and hopefully he will fill in the blanks in the weeks to come.

While there are many to choose from in the supe race, not many are interested in sitting on the Nevada City City Council. David McKay and Reinette Senum are retiring, and Robert Bergman is going for a second term, but only newcomer Terri Andersen has stepped up to the plate to fill the two empty chairs.

It’s surprising, considering the amount of community activism in NC. True, it’s a thankless job with no pay and no money to do much of anything except try to keep the city from sinking into insolvency like so many other municipalities in California.

Where are the new faces? Where is that next generation of politicians? I keep hearing that it is the “Good Ol’ Boys” who are holding the city back from the promise of a green techno-revolution. You’d think they’d be at the door with a solar-powered battering ram.

There is only one answer; Jeff Pelline must run. After all, his has been the loudest voice for change in the way we do business around these parts. The Golden Age is just over the horizon, if only there was someone to show us the way. It’s time to spring forward.

UPDATE: I spent this morning at the Grass Valley St. Piran’s Day celebration, where I ran into many elected and would-be elected officials. Jeff Pelline has declined to run. I hope Todd and Co. aren’t too disappointed. I also ran into Louis Meyer, who those with Comcast and NCTV will recognize from his his television show. Lou says he plans to make local agriculture an important part of his platform, and will release further details next week.

Now on to the important stuff. Unknown to everyone but myself, I’ve been secretly training for weeks to compete in the Cornish pastie tossing event held today. It paid off. I am now sporting a Pastie Olympics gold medal, which will be mounted next to my other various awards, citations, and trophies. I have perfected the art of the lucky bounce, and my pie landed almost on top of the target, where it was devoured by ravenous dogs. It was a good day.

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7 Responses to Springing Forward (Updated 12:58PM)

  1. Russ Steele says:

    Yes, I agree it is time for the change master Jeff P to lead the way. Put some action where his mouth is!

  2. Todd juvinall says:

    I agree Pelline and Keachie should throw their hats (caps) in the ring. Then when the public starts asking the appropriate questions as they always do in any race, we will see how the blogs react. What a hoot. Maybe Michael Anderson could run too. He seems to be a smart guy.

    • Ryan Mount says:

      I would like Keachie to photograph all of this. No matter how you side with him on the issues, he’s a damn fine photographer with an eye for the action.

      • Douglas Keachie says:

        Well thanks, Ryan! Actually I’ve been inactive, while redesigning my approach to watermarking images and hosting, such that not so much stuff is weblift-ed. Some people seem to feel that because they are in a picture, the photographer “owes” them a copy.

  3. IMHO Jeff Pelline would be shoo-in for City Council, given the political tenor of the town. The city might even make a buck or two during his tenure by charging admission to the city council meetings. People would pay to see ‘middle-of-the-road’ in action.

  4. Michael Anderson says:

    Once my kids are in the upper grades of high school I might consider something in the political arena. But since they’re still in elementary school that’s where my focus has to remain. I wouldn’t be able to run for city council, though, since I live just outside the Nevada City limits and I have no intention of moving back inside the fish bowl.

    I’ll let you know when I’m ready, Todd. Maybe you could be my campaign manager?

  5. Douglas Keachie says:

    Which offices pay enough for the gas to get off the Ridge and into town? Unlike many neighbors, we do not have any income from the little green dots mainly all lined up in rows, with last years crop very easily seen on Google Earth these days. The county is wasting money with helicopters, when Google earth shows enough detail to easily identify even small grows of six plants or less. Of course, there are those who do not believe that the county’s business and tax fairy wears a green dress….or at least they don’t want to admit it.

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