Widows exceed goal

The Merry Widow Society announced today that they have reached and surpassed this year’s scholarship fundraising goal. The Widows have awarded $46,000 in college scholarships to single parents since they started 17 years ago. With this year’s total, they have passed the $50K  mark and awarded $2000 each to two returning students, Kim Barns and Dawn Isaeff.

The Widow’s raise money by selling ads for their annual Mardi Gras themed publication, The Merry Widow Gazette,  and donations from individuals and businesses. All $$ beyond the cost of putting out the paper go toward the scholarships.

Congatulations, ladies, for a job well done!

(Disclosure: Mary Ann Crabb, my wife, is the editor of the Gazette. Although she drives me crazy with questions and stacks of ads and copy all over the house for the month leading up to Mardi Gras, I couldn’t be prouder!) 


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  1. Judith Lowry says:

    It was a glorious 20th Nevada City Mardi Gras today.
    The weather perfect.
    The entries creative and fun.
    The crowd jubilant.

    The Merry Widow Society and the Spirit of our beloved Joe Cain enjoyed letting, “The Good Times Roll”, by dancing, tossing beads and spreading cheer down Broad Street, Nevada City, California, USA.
    As a newbie MW I must say how impressed I have always been, from the sidelines, of the Unique Merry Widow Mystique.
    Now that I understand the serious nature of the work you all do, and how much you care about the struggle of the single college parent, and how you understand the potential in this marginalized but important human resource, and their progeny, who will learn by positive example, I feel honored to be a small part of an immense heart.
    Ladies, it was Grand.
    Happy Anniversary, Les Vueves joyeus!

    Solar Cain

    • Michael Anderson says:


      Great event today, that old-time Nevada City spirit came alive. I arrived late, after being with my 2 boys at the NU Miner’s Batting Clinic from 12 pm to 2:30 pm at the NU main diamond. But I still arrived in time to be in front of the National Hotel and watch Mary Ann in her Mary Widow chariot navigate the lower part of Broad Street.

      Thanks Judith for your report.

  2. rl Crabb says:

    Kudos to all involved. The turnout was great, thanks to some help from Mother Nature, and the committeee deserves a hand for putting together another great parade. Just two weeks ago there were only thirteen entries, but through a lot of legwork and some arm-twisting they ended up with over thirty.

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