Politically Motivated – Miriam Morris

Miriam Morris280Back in those heady days of the nineteen nineties, I joined up with a group called The Artist’s Guild. We had a gallery above the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce. If you were able to ascend the intimidating staircase, you could view some of the art that was rarely seen in most commercial venues around town. Indeed, it was one of the so-called “outsider art” shows that so impressed photographer and actor Leonard Nimoy that he became a member himself to help promote our struggling organization. Even so, we were continually short of funds and eventually had to close up shop.

It was a worthwhile effort, and if nothing else it introduced me to the irreverent artistry of Miriam Morris. Miriam’s ceramic oddities displayed her wicked sense of humor, which usually lampooned political figures in distorted and compromising positions. Her works have been featured in galleries near and far, including the late lamented “Feats of Clay” in Lincoln.

You can see her latest creations at the Center For The Arts in Grass Valley until September 21st. Check it out.

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    The deep culture of art in your area is one that many take for granted, and still more are unaware of, but it is the singular aspect that makes the place so unique, as seen from afar. One of the things that struck me on my last visit was the postings about town of shows and events, none of them particularly large in venue, but the sheer number of them is certainly above that for any other community I’m aware of, for it’s size.

    As for the subject shown, I can think of no presidential hopeful who is as “plugged-in” to the corporate system we now suffer under, on either side, than the NAFTA queen herself. Heaven help us.

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